Fabulous food is at the heart of every gathering, an essential ingredient for the success of any event. Natraj Catering offers a mouth-watering range of authentic dishes, lovingly prepared at our premises.

Our experienced chefs combine the finest ingredients and spices to create the most authentic and diverse menus . to include dishes that appeal to every one of your guests.

At Natraj we ensure professional polish and smooth execution at your events through our commitment of delivering to complete customer satisfaction.

We have been successfully providing food as caterers for various occasions . Our esteemed customers have appreciated our services over 2 decades . For many customers we have served the second generation of our regular customers.

At Natraj Catering, we supply pure vegetarian food only. We have more than 12 years of experience in catering and our food and service is known as best. Natraj Catering (South Harrow, Rayner’s Lane), specialists in Gujarati and Punjabi food.

We cater for a full wedding package, including decorations and table arrangements. Waiter service is also available upon request.
Please phone us for any further information you may require regarding wedding packages.
Natraj Catering also caters for parties or get together. Whether you are celebrating a birthday party or family re-union, we can cater for you.

At Natraj Catering we cater for funerals . Catering is for a minimum of 25 people and there is no maximum limit.On certain occasions we deliver the food at the event venue. A week’s notice will be appreciable. We provide disposable cutlery and food is provided in disposable containers


  • Vegetable rolls
  • Vegetable kebab
  • Corn paneer rolls
  • Vegetable corn
  • Corn rolls
  • Vegetable ghughra
  • Corn paneer ghughra
  • Peas petis
  • Bengali kachori chole ragdo
  • Corn dalwada
  • Corn coconut petis
  • Live dhokla
  • Live bhajiya
  • Khandvi
  • Steamed farsan
  • Corn vegetable handvo
  • Vegetable handvo
  • Plain dhokla
  • Bottle gourd (dudhi) handvo
  • Sandwhich dhokla
  • Chodamethi dhokla
  • Chana dal idli
  • Dahiwada- stuff dahiwada
  • Spring rolls
  • Corn katlet with corn sauce
  • Spinach paneer rolls
  • Enchiladas
  • Pappad
  • Masala pappad
  • Disco pappad
  • Masala khichiya
  • Sabudana papdi
  • Papad gulla


  • Gujarati dal
  • Punjabi dal
  • Panchkuti dal
  • Black rajma dal
  • Kali dal
  • Tadka dal
  • Dal fry
  • Gujarati kadhi


  • Potato rasawala
  • Green potato in chutney
  • Potato chips
  • Suki bhaji
  • Aloo gobi
  • Methi aloo
  • Dana and peas kofta
  • Dana patra
  • Dana muthiya
  • Papdi dana muthiya
  • Stuff parvar


  • Red chilli pickle
  • Raiwala marcha
  • Mango mehtiya
  • Raw mango, gunda and chili pickle
  • Sweet mango pickle
  • Tindora sambhariya


  • Cucumber raitu
  • Bundi raitu
  • Pineapple raitu
  • Carrot raitu
  • Green grapes raitu


  • Triranga puri
  • Masala puri
  • Locha puri
  • Spinach puri
  • Phudina (mint) paratha
  • Plain paratha
  • Lachha paratha
  • Stuff paratha
  • Spinach paratha
  • Cauliflower paratha
  • Cheese paratha


  • Methi thepla
  • Bajra rotla
  • Bhakhri


  • Cinnamon clove rice
  • Jeera rice
  • Pulav
  • Peas pulav
  • Vegetable biryani
  • Mexican rice
  • Chinese fried rice


  • Khoya kaju
  • Punjabi cauliflower
  • Punjabi chole
  • Dumaloo
  • Malai kofta
  • Corn capsicum bataki
  • Vegetable spinach kofta
  • Navratna korma


  • Undhiyu
  • Half undhiyu
  • Dana khandvi
  • Bharela bhinda
  • Bhinda capsicum tomato
  • Turiya pandda peas
  • Dana patra
  • Cauliflower and peas
  • Aubergine and lilva
  • Kakdi parvar muthiya
  • Fansi corn and peas
  • Lilva and ratadu
  • Green chana in coconut gravy
  • Parvar kela and patra
  • Stuff bhinda
  • Bhinda(oakra) with capsicum


  • Red chutney
  • Green chutney
  • Coconut chutney
  • Fafda kadhi chutney
  • Phudina (Mint) chutney
  • Garlic chutney
  • Tal dana chutney
  • Madrasi chutney